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Home Page
Welcome to North Aston Organics

About us
Background to the company and what makes us tick.

Our VegBox scheme brings fresh fruit and vegetables to a drop-off point near you - or even right to your doorstep. Find out more about this convenient and easy way to source your organic produce.

North Aston Organics hosts a stall on a number of Farmers' Markets in the oxfordshire area - find out where and when on this page.

Why do we grow organic vegetables? What are the benefits, and why do so many people choose to cook organic?

Looking for some good ideas on how to prepare your organic fruit and veg? We've listed some sample recipes, and added a few hints and tips about preparing and using our produce.

Eventually destined to become a page where major news stories of interest to North Aston organics customers, and with a link to our (under construction) blog!

A page of links to other sites which we think you may find interesting or useful.

How to get in touch with us here at North Aston organics. Fill in your name and email address and send us a message!

Just a little bit of "small print", relating to our use of Cookies here on the website, and our guarantee to you that our organic produce will be top notch.

Not only do we supply the public with excellent fruit and veg, we also sell in bulk to wholesale outlets including shops, hotels, restaurants and cafés.

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