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Eventually, this page will be reserved for major news items from North Aston Organics, while day-to-day news and information will be regularly updated on the North Aston Blog - see panel on the right. The blog is being prepared at the moment, so we shall continue to add snippets here until it's ready to launch!

We have a Blog !
In the six years since its birth our Blog has lain unloved and lost. Buried under a pile of must do items it was forgotten, until today! We will try to update it weekly with a rough guide as to the contents of the boxes but it will only be a guide as we don't always have enough of each veg to be able to predict that it will go around all the boxes.

Uploaded March 25th 2014.

North Aston OrganicsNorth Aston Organics Launches New Website!
The new website for North Aston Organics finally arrives on the worldwide web. For months it has been hidden away, developing and hardening off like a seedling in a cold frame, but now it's ready to see the light of day. Here you can find information about the company, the Veg Box Scheme, recipe ideas, and a comprehensive background on organic farming.
Launched 19th September 2013

Potato Harvest Well Under Way
On dry days these next few weeks we will be outside gathering in the potato harvest. The tubers need to be out of the ground and stored before the winter rains arrive. Once they have set their skins they will store quite happily for several months, and will be good to eat until next spring.
Uploaded September 18th 2013.

Mini Spring Arrives!
All our polytunnels are undergoing a major transformation, as they change from summer to winter crops in the next few weeks. The propagation glasshouse, having been virtually empty during August, is now filling up again with seedlings of Spinach and California Peppergrass (or Mizuna), Canary Chard, Brune d'Hiver Lettuce and Japanese Mustard Spinach, or Komatsuma.
Uploaded September 16th 2013.

Korean farmers Inspired by North Aston Organics
In the autumn of 2011, a group of South Korean farmers visited Oxfordshire, and chose to spend an afternoon with Mark Stay at North Aston Organics. They were so impressed by what they saw that they vowed to take some of Mark's ideas back home with them! Oxford Mail

30th September 2011

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Only just taking its first stuttering footsteps but on its feet at last - North Aston Organics Blog!

Here's the easy and up-to-the-moment way to find out what's happening at North Aston Organics.

Regular postings from Mark, Archie, Matt, Ginny, Mary and the rest of the staff will ensure you're kept up to date with the latest happenings at NAO. This will include information on:

  • What's happening on the farm
  • New Recipe Ideas
  • Hints & Tips on making the most of your VegBox

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